International Medicine and Disease Olympiad


The International Medicine and Disease Olympiad (IMDO) is the World Championship Medical and Disease knowledge/problem solving competition for High School students and is held annually online in July/August. The first IMDO was held in 2015 in San Diego, CA, and subsequently was moved online to lower the cost to compete for students throughout the world. The IMDO Foundation Board ensures that the competition is held each year and that each country selects their team in a fair and transparent process.


The IMDO aims to promote interest in the medical field by recognizing the strongest high school problem solvers interested in medicine. The IMDO aims to test both basic medical knowledge related to human medicine and disease, as well as problem solving abilities related to figuring out the best courses of actions given clues that a medical professional might encounter in their career.


A special thanks to our volunteers. Without your contributions we would not be able to continue to run this competition. We would especially like to thank the following people for their tireless efforts:

Dr. Nathan Gruberman (Content Consultant), Dr. Prasad Chattaharti (Content Consultant), Dr. James Lin (Content Consultant), Dr. Xinyu Chen (Content Consultant), Dr. Quincy Lu (Content Creation), Anthony Law (Project Management), Victor Borza (Question Setter), Sarah Yu (Media Director), Jason Tran (Competition QA), Marco Starger (Competition QA), Pete Mo (Competition QA), Wesley Chu (Tech Support), Sam Yang (Tech Support), and Richard Yang (Operations/Question Setter)